Sig Sauer MPX 88g to 2x12g Umarex co2 Adapter Mod

Finished product…scroll to see whole process and click for video
Make sure to block off the connection port with something sufficient enough to keep all metal shavings out while grinding
Grind down the sides at low speed with a dremel while going in circular motions and applying just enough pressure to create fine shavings..this will need to be done for about 5 min
Make sure to clean thoroughly with a good power vac before trying tank fitment and if you can blow it out with compressed air to ensure there is no debris stuck in the connection port
Try fitment, if the tank still touches any sides go a little more, we almost had it here but didn’t quite seal when tank was twisted in, also note using a full cart was not a good idea, out it all came and then removed and then a few more minutes of prep and grinding and voila we had success!!
The key is getting the tank to clear the sides and doing it evenly all around without going too much
Doesn’t have to be perfect but neat is always a plus
Try to get it as even as possible on all sides
Diameter should be about an inch all around
Finished product click for video

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