Crosman Repeat(air) 1077 Semi-Auto CO2 Pellet Rifle

Made in ‘Murica
This rifle sports a Nice bright fiber optic non adjustable front sight and blade style rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation. This rifle also supports weaver style mounting of optics for red dots, scopes and more!
This all polymer frame feels sturdy in the hands while the checkering on the handgrip and also on the fore end of the rifle ensure a solid grip for maximum control and ultimate pellet slinging fun!
The all plastic drop free removable mag accepts custom pellet rings which each hold 12 shots of .177 goodness. These clips can be purchased for fractions of what magazines cost and then it’s prime time for a reign of .177 lead. If you prefer lighter hybrid supersonic ammunition for higher power gains then be sure to stuff some fast flights in a clip and fire away! With tactical reload capabilities and over 40 shots per one 12 gram CO2 cartridge it’s hard to put this rifle down!
The easy screw front end cap goes on and off with ease but fits solid and snug and is ideal for quick hassle free CO2 change outs to keep you shooting more and reloading less and smiling ear to ear!
4.5mm Pellet
Model 1077
Crosman Airguns…Made in USA!

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