Welcome to Airfunners.com a unique twist on modern day air sporting…I started this site in August of 2021 to document my journey into the airgun world.

As a kid I always loved the movie “A Christmas Story” especially when Ralphie got his brand new Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun with the sundial and the compass in the stock! So when I was about 12 years old I got what every 90’s kid wanted…a brand new Crosman 760 pump master .177 caliber BB gun. Ever since then I was in love with the sport!

For the most part I was just a plain old can plinker but occasionally scored myself a tree rat or two! Shhh don’t tell mom! As the years went on and I got older, I transitioned into the firearm world and left BB guns and pellet rifles behind. For many years I pursued my passion of shooting through firearms. And then one day I came across a fully automatic Crosman panther dpms sbr tactical steel BB carbine rifle. This intrigued me, it was not airsoft, it shot steel BB’s and took two CO2 cartridges…I had to shoot one…I clicked order now and instantly felt like Ralphie waiting for his brand new Red Ryder BB gun!

It arrived within days and it was even better than I could have ever imagined. The weight, the finish, the action, the way it field strips…this thing was money well spent and I hadn’t even shot it yet! So off to the “range” I went. I accurately plinked some plastic bottles from about 15 yards and then it was time to hit the selector switch all the way over to full auto mode or should I say “FUN MODE.” Needless to say after shooting it in fully auto mode I was absolutely hooked but this time with a whole new twist on BB guns …

I was so flabbergasted that there were now select fire single shot or fully automatic, blowback action, 25 rounds, magazine fed, red dot mountable, front foregrip installed, flip up iron sights, and quad picatinny rails all around for whatever attachments you please! These were CO2 powered steel BB guns which had the look, the feel, and even shot just like the real deal. I quickly started gaining an arsenal of airguns from new nitrogen filled break barrels to CO2 powered exact replicas, Until what happened next…

One day I’m searching around about full auto BB guns and I come across the Hatsan Blitz Pre Charged Pneumatic air rifle (PCP). Now these were something comparable to firearms! Shooting 30 caliber and larger “pellets” I just had to see what the hype was all about…the Hatsan blitz caught my eye (and my wallet) because it was .30 caliber which is one of my favorite firearm platforms of all time 7.62mm) and it was also fully automatic. The icing on the cake was that it was the only thing on the market like it… I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up. Well needless to say after shooting the Blitz it did not disappoint and it made me smile so big that my safety glasses almost fell right off my face…This was it! I was back in the game of Airfunning…adult style 😎! Don’t get me wrong I still love the classics that never die. The old pumpers and break barrels, the single shotters, and even the co2 repeaters are lots of fun for what they are but these new PCP rifles were just in a whole different league.

With all these new and improved pcp models and future prototypes coming out I just can’t help but get extremely excited about all of them! I have also decided to add some really cool stuff to the Airfunners arsenal like tons of Training for engagement tools (T4E) including but not limited to: paintball, rubber ball, pepper ball, first strike rounds (FSR). Please like, share, and subscribe today and we will keep you updated on the latest and greatest in all Airfunning sports! Remember to always practice safe shooting and please do not try to re-create any of our videos at home. Thank you for observing my journey and I wish everyone a happy and safe Airfunning experience!

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