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Intro to Airfunning!

Welcome to a place where you can always find cool new videos and detailed reviews on many different styles of Airfunning sports. I started this site in august of 2021 to document my journey back into the airgun world. As a kid I always loved the movie “A Christmas Story” especially when Ralphie got his brand new Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun with the sundial and the compass in the stock! So when I was about 12 years old I finally got what every 90’s kid wanted…a brand new Crosman 760 pump master .177 caliber BB gun. Ever since then I was absolutely hooked. I was mostly a can hunter but occasionally scored myself a tree rat or two! As the years went on and I got older, I transitioned into the firearm world and left BB guns and pellet rifles behind. For many years I pursued my passion of shooting through firearms. And then one day I came across a fully automatic Crosman panther dpms sbr tactical BB carbine rifle. This intrigued me, it was not airsoft, it shot steel BB’s and took two CO2 cartridges…I had to shoot one…I clicked order and got it sent to me ASAP…After shooting it I was absolutely hooked… I was so flabbergasted that there were now fully automatic, blowback action, multi-shot, magazine fed, red dot mountable, CO2 powered steel BB guns that looked, felt, and even shot like the real deal. This is what got me back into airguns until one day I came across Pre Charged Pneumatic rifles (PCP). Now these were something comparable to firearms! Shooting 30 caliber and larger “pellets” I just had to see what the hype was all about…the Hatsan blitz caught my eye and my wallet being it was 30 caliber and fully automatic and the only thing on the market like it, I just couldn’t pass that opportunity up. Well needless to say after shooting one it did not disappoint and it made me smile so big that I almost lost my safety glasses. This was it, I was back in the game of Airfunning! Don’t get me wrong I still love the classics that never die. The old pumpers and break barrels, but with all the new and improved models and future prototype models coming out I just can’t help but get extremely excited about all of them. I have also decided to add to the Airfunners arsenal tons of Training for engagement (T4E) stuff including but not limited to: paintball, rubber ball, pepper ball, first strike rounds (FSR), and various other less than lethal ammunition. Please like, share, and subscribe today and we will keep you updated on the latest and greatest in all Airfunning sports! Remember to always practice safe shooting and please do not try to re-create any of our videos at home. Thank you for observing my journey and I wish everyone a happy and safe Airfunning experience!

New!! Glock .43 Cal Paintball Marker

Let’s see what’s inside!
Nice and safely packaged in a beautiful custom Glock case. This gun comes with 4 extra back straps, a barrel squeegee, and 1 magazine (non quick pierce)
Officially licensed by Glock… MADE IN GERMANY🇩🇪
Authentic markings give this replica a nice touch of class to match the quality of the build
Ambidextrous Slide lever release for right or left handed shooters!
Drop free removable mag holds 8 rounds and also houses a single 12 gram co2 cylinder
Authentic blowback action is ideal for supreme real feel training without the costly burden of live ammunition.
Beautifully painted front and rear non adjustable sights for quick acquisition during close quarter engagement.
Everything about this package will capture any Glock enthusiasts heart…a true one of a kind right here and sure to change the whole game of .43 cal markers! I can’t wait to see what the competition looks like in 5 years!

Crosman Repeat(air) 1077 Semi-Auto CO2 Pellet Rifle

Made in ‘Murica
This rifle sports a Nice bright fiber optic non adjustable front sight and blade style rear sight that is adjustable for windage and elevation. This rifle also supports weaver style mounting of optics for red dots, scopes and more!
This all polymer frame feels sturdy in the hands while the checkering on the handgrip and also on the fore end of the rifle ensure a solid grip for maximum control and ultimate pellet slinging fun!
The all plastic drop free removable mag accepts custom pellet rings which each hold 12 shots of .177 goodness. These clips can be purchased for fractions of what magazines cost and then it’s prime time for a reign of .177 lead. If you prefer lighter hybrid supersonic ammunition for higher power gains then be sure to stuff some fast flights in a clip and fire away! With tactical reload capabilities and over 40 shots per one 12 gram CO2 cartridge it’s hard to put this rifle down!
The easy screw front end cap goes on and off with ease but fits solid and snug and is ideal for quick hassle free CO2 change outs to keep you shooting more and reloading less and smiling ear to ear!
4.5mm Pellet
Model 1077
Crosman Airguns…Made in USA!

Nielsen Specialty Ammo now in stock!

That’s one serious “pellet”

NSA Lead slugs are swaged from high quality lead and are extremely well made. Always made in the USA. Stay tuned for some chronograph results with these big grain bad boys! Currently have .30 caliber slugs and .22 caliber slugs in stock very limited quantities contact us today for fast shipping! #swagednotcast

Springfield xDM by Air Venturi Blowback (exact replica)

First opening
Included in the package: two extra back straps, one 20 round drop free magazine that also houses a single 12gram co2, Allen key to change co2, user manual
Functional dove tail safety for ambidextrous use!
Cocked hammer indicator works just like the real steel center fire!
Single blade finger safety is fully functional and requires pulling from the center of the trigger in order to fire.
This full blowback is of superior quality!
Ambidextrous magazine release for right or left handed shooter
3.8” smooth bore barrel
This exact replica field strips in seconds just like the real deal! Hone your skills on cleaning and maintenance and apply them to the real steel center fire version!
Authentic engraving and markings make this replica a definite doppelgänger for its big brother center fire pistol!
The quality is the same you would see on the original center fire gun! Superb!