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Filling up the Hatsan Blitz .30 Cal PCP Rifle with the Air Venturi Nomad Two. A couple things I noticed before charging was the adapter needed the o-rings installed which was no problem because they came in the box with the rifle. After installing the O-rings I noticed that it is not a quick disconnect and it will need to be threaded onto the end of the filling hose. I quickly grabbed two small adjustable wrenches and removed the factory head from the whip end on the air Venturi nomad hose. I then installed the Hatsan adapter onto it and made sure to not over tighten it but also went far enough to ensure a proper connection with no leaks. As soon as I plugged in the unit the auxiliary fan came on which was fairly quiet. I then plugged the filling hose into the unit with the filter at the base of the unit and the filler nozzle into the gun. After pushing the POWER/RESET button the primary fan came on which was a bit louder than I expected but the cool blue light gave a nice relaxing glow. I then made sure the output/auto shutoff was set at 250BAR. I then pushed the ON/OFF button and started the filling process. Once started the main compressor kicked on which was very loud and had a very clunky sound to it. I had no idea if this was normal or if it was going to explode but there was only one way to find out…so 7 minutes later I was curious as to why it didn’t shutoff yet so I checked the gauge on the rifle to see where it was at and it was only at around 100BAR. I instantly knew something was wrong so I shut the off the pump by pressing the POWER/RESET button. I then bled the air from the system using the BLEED SCREW on the front of the unit. Upon further inspection of the rifle I noticed the bolt was closed, I opened the bolt with the side charging lever, engaged the safety and went back to the first steps of filling the rifle. It worked! It was now successfully filling the gun, even though it sounded like my Cummins 5.9 was parked in my office, we had progress! So after checking the gauge periodically over 10 min it was finally done! I couldn’t imagine doing that all by hand but I suppose in a SHTF scenario it’s a nice option. The pump did shut off at the preset 250BAR and was very easy to store away in its perfect durable carrying case. Now it’s off to the range for some well needed target time! Check out MOOTS SHOOTS for more videos Thanks for watching and have a great day! Airfunners…Everything fun AF!