AEA ZEUS .72 Cal



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The most powerful mass production PCP rifle in the world!

.72CAL 1500ft/2000joule.

There’s one reason why you choose an air gun to hunt huge beasts instead of a firearm, that is the sense of achievement. Using an airgun to hunt large animals is a unique and irreplaceable hunting experience. When choosing a big bore rifle, what you need is power not a high shot-count when hunting big game. You will never return home with regrets and excess air. You will never have to imagine the risk of having an injured beast rush at you due to lack of power. ZEUS is produced for this purpose. At .72 caliber plus a 16 inch barrel, you will get the power of God to reach the horror of 2000 joules of energy. Huge bullets and great energy assure confidence when facing a giant beast.

Velocity: . 72 CAL 920 FPS with 750GR
Barrel Length :16″ rifle barrel
3 shots per fill pressure
4500 psi Max fill pressure

Price $1199

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