New!! Glock .43 Cal Paintball Marker

Let’s see what’s inside!
Nice and safely packaged in a beautiful custom Glock case. This gun comes with 4 extra back straps, a barrel squeegee, and 1 magazine (non quick pierce)
Officially licensed by Glock… MADE IN GERMANY🇩🇪
Authentic markings give this replica a nice touch of class to match the quality of the build
Ambidextrous Slide lever release for right or left handed shooters!
Drop free removable mag holds 8 rounds and also houses a single 12 gram co2 cylinder
Authentic blowback action is ideal for supreme real feel training without the costly burden of live ammunition.
Beautifully painted front and rear non adjustable sights for quick acquisition during close quarter engagement.
Everything about this package will capture any Glock enthusiasts heart…a true one of a kind right here and sure to change the whole game of .43 cal markers! I can’t wait to see what the competition looks like in 5 years!

Umarex T4E HDS Home Defense Double Barrel “Sawed-Off” Shotgun .68 cal CO2 Non-Lethal Rubberball /Pepperball /Paintball /Exoticball

Here we have it! A nice addition to the ever so growing Arsenal over here at Airfunners. The Umarex T4E HDS is a solid gun with an all metal barrel and metal internals including a metal trigger and many other quality parts. These guns are packed into a very nice textured all weather synthetic “sawed off” style buttstock/ handgrip and I must say what a great feel this gun has in your hand seems to be a well made product by umarex. This is a one of -a- kind home defense double barrel sawed off shotgun that shoots rubber balls, pepper balls, or paint balls and I hear there is also a wide variety of exotic home-made munitions as well. These projectiles are propelled by one 12 gram CO2 cartridge at velocities reported of over 350fps (with air mod and single barrel). This gun can be fired one barrel at a time or BOTH AT THE SAME TIME for when you need maximum force and ultimate protection. Unfortunately we do not have any ammo for testing this beautiful airfun at the moment but we are in the works of obtaining some and doing some real life scenario testing with pepper, rubber, paint, and of course plenty of exotic home-made balls. We will test them in many different ways on many different targets with chronograph results, ammo ballistics tests, number of shots per CO2, also will be testing trigger pull weight, accuracy/range and of course the most dangerous but well needed test the WILL IT STOP A GROWN MAN TEST! Keep following and checking up for more videos and info on purchasing! Thank you for looking and may you have a blast in the world of Airfunning!

T4E .68 Caliber
Double barrel for maximum force and ultimate protection! Use the selector switch to fire each barrel individually or put it in the middle and blast both barrels at the same time!
I wouldn’t want to be looking down this end of this little double barrel stubby!!
The front under barrel has a nice picatinny rail for mounting of flashlights, lasers, grips and other accessories. We added an after market textured fore grip for easier handling. Two handed use might not be a bad idea for this hefty little double barrel beauty weighing in at just under 4 pounds, plus, it looks really cool!
Quick pierce system allows you to store a full CO2 un-opened in the gun and when you smack the end it instantly pierces the CO2 which then charges the gun allowing both barrels to be fired in mere seconds!
All in all this gun has a great feel in the hands and is a definite show piece that is guaranteed to ward off any attacker! Stay tuned for some awesome videos and some real world testing coming up very soon!