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The Daisy Powerline 340 claims velocities up to 240fps! This can usually be purchased for around $25 at many retail stores by anyone who is at least 16 years of age.
Copperhead BB’s were used for maximum performance…around 25 shots fired with zero jams or malfunctions!

At 35ft 7in (approx 10 yards) we had a nice stable spot for our FX wireless chronograph which gave us an average velocity of 180fps with a maximum of 184fps over 6 shots…this is a little lower than what Daisy claims at 240fps but it was still worth a shot to try and sting this stang with some lead…errr copper!

And there we have it! Two shots, two hits, second hit shattered the glass! I honestly didn’t think it would have enough power to break it but I guess I was wrong. Also if there wasn’t an aftermarket tint applied to inside of the window it probably would have shattered sooner and possibly would have penetrated. This just goes to show that BB guns and air rifles are way underrated and have a wide variety of uses! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
This ‘Stang didn’t run very far!
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Airfunner Moots at it again! So here we are to bring you the test of low power and cheap fun…

The question: Will a spring powered plastic BB gun break a car window at 10 yards?

Short answer: YES! Read on for more details.

Car window test

So we all wonder (well maybe just some of us) if a cheap plastic BB gun can shatter a car window at 10 yards? So the test had to be done…first step was finding a cheap car door. After asking around for a couple days I found myself at a local salvage yard, turns out they charge the same price no matter what condition the door is in, flat rate $75+ tax…even though I wasn’t too happy about this I still knew I would have what I needed by the end of the day and go figure I found a sweet Ford mustang door in really great condition! Although I had no tools on me to remove the door I kindly asked a few gentleman who were nearby ripping apart a 1999 Honda Civic if I could borrow some of their tools…they said sure, I used a 14mm socket to remove 4 bolts from the door and cut the wiring harness with a pair of diagonal cutters. I returned the tools to their rightful owner and then wondered how I would get this door all the way to the front office by myself. The guys were busy ripping apart the civic and it wasn’t really their problem so I decided to drag this heap of glass and metal through the scrap yard for about a 1/4 mile leaving a nice trail from where it came all the way up to the office door. I then went inside and the old man behind the counter rang me up. $83 dollars and a few gasps of air later and I was on my way to the test site! The door was heavy and awkward to carry but I was determined! Into the truck it went, out of the truck it came, up the hill it went and into the woods it got placed…Once in place it was time for the fun to begin! First I tested the daisy powerline 340 BB gun on the fx wireless chronograph and got an average of 180fps with a high of only 184fps which is considerably lower than daisy’s 240fps claim. After a few test shots it was time to clap that glass! One shot hit! Second shot hit and SHATTERED! Success! I was surprised to say the least but definitely happy with the results. Although there wasn’t any penetration I do believe the window would have shattered and fell to the ground if it didn’t have an aftermarket tint applied to it. I had to keep trying so I loaded the daisy up again and emptied another clip…still no penetration. At this point I knew it was time for MORE POWER! Next up was the Springfield armory 1911 mil spec made by air Venturi with a claim of 340fps. Fx chrony confirmed an average of 300fps over 6 shots. It was enough! It went through! We had penetration! The accuracy on this gun was very nice allowing me to keep tight groups of 1inch or less at 10 yards. Now although this was enough firepower to go through it just wasn’t practical to keep loading it and shooting when I had the Umarex tac xbg right next to me. This gun was much easier to load and has an increased velocity of 390fps…needless to say this did the trick to completely annihilate the window until the point of shattering it to pieces. This was a fun test and performed very safely… PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Bloopers at end of video.